Oban 18 Year Single Malt Scotch



I don’t know how.

And I don’t know why.

And I especially don’t understand the price.

But that all doesn’t matter.  For the first time, we’ve (and I think Wisconsin as a state) has been allocated a stash of Oban 18. Just give me a moment, because I think this moment is significant, and super tasty.  We’ve breached beyond the second-tier market state and we’re now one of the front runners, right up there with the big boys of NY, NJ and CA.  Because of you.

But here it is – the 18 year:

A mellow, developed, tea-cake and toasted nuttiness mixed with sea salt and ripe fruits.  On the palate a rich, rounded sweetness of age (not of sugar) balanced by barrel notes of cocoa, baking spices and honey.  Oban is a gateway.  Located on the sea, it is imbued a delicate smokiness – a nudge towards the influence of the nearby island distilleries and their powerhouse smoky style.  Yet it is located on the mainland, whose fruity rich Scotches are perfect for any occasion, at any time.  Indeed, Oban is the great harmonizer, a fellow traveler welcoming any and all who care to taste, and finding a story for anyone willing to listen.  Here is their top expression, delicious in every way.

Again, I have no idea why I was able to negotiate a price break on a rare and exclusive product.  But I was, and here it is.  Don’t hesitate, because as Oban notes, “Only so much is made; it is never enough.”

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