Onward Hawkeye Ranch Pinot Noir 2015



In 2011 I wrote:

“It’s a rare privilege to catch a rising star, yet I believe I have caught one.

“Her name is Faith Armstrong-Foster and she presently crafts two Pinot Noirs: Hawkeye Ranch in Redwood Valley and Cerise Vineyard in Anderson valley.

“Both are extraordinary, and they are exactly what is great in California Pinot: pronounced aromatics, seamless integration, deliciously enjoyable now yet age worthy with a depth of flavor that you can really sink your teeth into, both fresh and vibrantly alive in that oh-so-point noir like way.”

And I still agree with these sentiments today. Faith Armstrong-Foster and her Onward Pinots are some of our most desirable, elegant California Pinots. They are simply wonderful.

Unfortunately, this year, we don’t have the two Pinots, we just have one to offer you – Hawkeye Ranch. The Johnson Family, owners of Redwood Valley’s Hawkeye Ranch, are fifth generation family farmers, and their strong sense of sustainability shines through in this heritage vineyard, planted with old vine Martini clone.  The heritage clone creates a wine with Pinot’s beautiful brown sugar, cinnamon, clove and sherry wood aromas.  On the palate these are joined by flavors of strawberry and pomegranate.  The finish ends with a lingering sense of fruity minerality, a combination of crushed dried flowers and roasted fruits that is also, simply gorgeous.

I’ll say it again, this Pinot is what is great in California Pinot Noir. We still get a limited allocation, and if you are receiving this email, you’ve probably bought some in the past. Here is the new vintage, straight from Faith’s winery’s cellar, with six years of age on it and ready to drink now (but will go much further). Catch it while you can.

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