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If there is one thing northern Italians love more than their own wine, it’s their mothers. If there are two things they love more than their own wine, the second one would have to be Champagne. Trust me: Go into any village in northern Italy and I guarantee you will find a Champagne bar—crowded, noisy, packed, and pouring bubbly like there is no tomorrow.

Of course, on occasion, France and Italy have gone to war with one another and therefore supplies of Champagne were interrupted. What to do? Copy the frogs’ method of making Champagne and use your own grapes to produce something just as good as—if not better than—what you can get in Champagne. Now you can’t call it Champagne, so in Italy you will give it all kinds of regional names – Franciacorta, Spumante and here, in our example, Prosecco.

Prosecco is one of the great sparkling wines of Italy. Made in a style that preserves its fruit freshness, it’s something you can drink all night long — and longer! — while feeling the world is absolutely radiant. That’s the power of Prosecco: fine, modern, and versatile.

This Pasqua Prosecco opens up with intense aromas of tropical fruits – mango and pineapple—with white flowers blossoming in the background. The palate has delightful zing and acidity, keeping it crisp and perfectly balanced. This will jumpstart your dinner party as an aperitif, but it need not be relegated to the opening act. The dinner table should remain wide open for this Venus!

Best of all, Prosecco is so much cheaper than Champagne that you can drink an ocean (and your friends can, too). Pasqua is here to make your every day—from brunch to night—a little more sparkly.

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