Pickering’s Gin Baubbles



Leave it to the Brits to make them and to Waterford to sell them – Gin Baubles. Christmas tree ornaments that are filled with Gin. And not just any old Gin, but Pickering’s Gin of Scotland. Just imagine being able to tone down the forced family fun of the holidays by offering to “decorate the tree.” With Gin Baubles!

Here is the story:

“Brought to you by Pickering’s Gin, from the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years, our recipe features nine Bombay botanicals, engineered by us to create Pickering’s famous full-bodied flavor.

“In the months leading up to Christmas, the small team at Pickering’s wake extra early, pull on their pointy hats and venture into the freezing wilds of Scotland. There they forage amongst the ancient juniper trees, plucking the ripest, plumpest Pickering’s Gin Baubles. Once back in the workshop, they fill, cap, ribbon, pack and wrap every single one with the fastest working hands in Gin Lane.”

It’s so wrong, it’s right – Gin in Baubles!

Make your Christmas extra festive with these Pickering’s brilliant gin baubles. 6 x 50 ml per box!