RouteStock Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2016


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Robert Mondavi reared back, then punched his brother Peter right in the face.  Mingling blood and wine in the drain, Peter tried to recover but Mama stepped in first, separating the two men.  Mama fired Robert and gave Peter a hug.

In the ensuing fit of anger, Robert started his own winery.  By 1968 he was confronted with a problem.  California had adopted France’s native Sauvignon Blanc grape and made great wine with it.  Wines that were not French, but better than French.

But nobody wanted them.

Driven by brilliance, commercialism, or simply the physical necessities inherent in a small winery, Robert threw his Sauvignon Blanc into oak barrels and named it Fume Blanc.  The result was a smash hit.

Robert’s winery has, sadly, since been sold but many of his ideas are still being pursued and perfected, here at home and even abroad.  One winery doing so is Grieve Family Vineyards, high up in Lovall, Napa Valley.

The Grieve Family planted in a very special place. While some may claim that the clay soils of Sancerre or the gravelly earth of Graves create the world’s most striking Sauvignon Blanc, I would argue that they have never tasted the outstanding Sauvignon Blanc coming from Lovall, up in the foothills of Arrowhead Mountain. And that kinda isn’t their fault – there is so little wine grown up here, it’s a wonder the Grieve family discovered this magical place at all.

In fact, or if you do some exploring, you’ll notice that this wine is labeled “Route Stock Sauvignon Blanc.” The back story here is that the Grieves make expensive Sauvignon Blanc from an unknown place that is utterly delicious. It’s also $45 and nobody’s ever heard of it. As the industry saying goes, “it’s a bit of a hard sell.” So what to do? Ask your national sales representative to create another label at a “happy home” price, and help move everything along. Doubt what I am saying? I get it – but just go ahead and punch the coordinates printed on the label into the internet. RouteStock comes smack dab from the Grieves’ Vineyards.

One thing is for certain, this is delicious Sauvignon Blanc: here you get the compelling depth of taste and California propensity for extravagant fruit.  Smells of fresh peaches, pineapple and pear surge from the bottle.  The palate is extremely ripe – they believe in stirring the lees to enhance its already toothsome, luscious mouthfeel – and carries the wine through its substrates of honeydew melon, lychee and mango flavors.  It finishes with a lively, refreshing acidity and mineral purity.  This is front-and-center California Sauvignon Blanc.

Enjoy this scrumptious wine as a cocktail on the patio (finally it just barely warm enough!), with a delightful salad of crab, avocado and grapefruit; or carry it on through a fine meal of roasted chicken with morels and ramps.  Don’t worry; it’s bold enough to accomplish it all!

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