Sonoma County Distilling Co. Rye Whiskey


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Right in the heart of Wine Country, there is a little revolution going on – with spirits. Led by Sonoma County Distilling Company (founded in 2010), Sonoma, famous for its wines, is now humming with distilling activity. And so what can be better after a hard day of tasting wine? Adopting the palliative moonshine.

But moonshine like from the days of Prohibition this is not. Twin brothers Chris (a firefighter by day) and Brandon (a police officer) Matthies are Sonoma County Distilling’s lead distillers and one fine example of turning avocation into a vocation. A hobby of tasting, smelling, sampling and comparing spirits led the brothers to home distilling, and now to this exciting project.

And a fine one it is – dedicated to local sourcing from grain to glass; using a two-pot column still to make the Ryes and Bourbons like you would see at the finest distilleries in Scotland; and aging in the highest-quality small American oak barrels they can find. The result is a 100% pure Rye Whiskey that you can relish neat, or to up your Manhattan-making game.

Bottled in 2015, this Rye opens with notes of white fudge, vanilla, chocolate, walnut and of course, spicy notes of Rye. The palate is gracefully balanced against the new oak’s brown sugar notes, complementing Rye’s notes of baking spice and sweet cream. But graceful doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful – this is purebred 100% rye and set at 98 proof. So straight-up, it’s going to give you all it’s got, and in a cocktail, its sheer perfection won’t lose flavor with the requisit additions. The long, richly textured finish delivers notes of maple.

In short, this is pretty darn killer Rye whiskey. But not only that, but we got it at a great discount. Enjoy

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