Tamdhu Batch Strength Single Malt Scotch


$100.00 $59.99

For those of you who love sherry bombs on the level of a Macallan 21 Sherry Cask, this is simply a deal not to be missed – Tamdhu’s Batch Strength Single Malt.

This beauty has oceans of sherry, toasted malt, caramelized nuts, dried dark fruit, Boxing Day cake, and vanilla on the nose and palate. For those of you who love sherry, this one’s gonna knock your socks off. It is 100% first-fill sherry cask at cask strength and no, it doesn’t hold an age statement. But no matter. I poured it at one of my Scotch tastings (more on that below) and with the eruption of massive flavor you get from the glass, nobody cared. The finish is soft and supple and smooth. Whatever time it did spend in fresh cask made something amazing. Again, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting Macallan 21, and that would be my reference point for this delightful dram.

The two qualifications we put on most of our offers applies here – we got a great price, but supplies are limited. Let us know if we can hook you up with a bottle today!

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