The Essential Guide to Napa Valley Cabernet



A virtual wine seminar choose your desired flight below. Learn at your own pace, free online, any time! Use coupon code NAPACAB to get 15% all wines for the tasting.

Napa is truly a great place to grow Cabernet. At this tasting, we will explore Napa’s history, its vastly different terroirs, and its winemaking styles, in an exciting chance to organize your next vacation to Napa via a wine tasting!

The first flight looks at Napa Valley appellations from north to south and compares them to Napa’s three dominant soil types – alluvial, fluvial and volcanic. We trace the appellations and soil types into the wines’ flavors and palates, highlighting how you, as the end consumer, can understand how a wine will taste even before you purchase that bottle.

Our second flight begins with a time-travel trip through Napa’s historic properties. While most people think of Napa as a young wine region, its roots stretch back almost two centuries in producing high-quality Cabernet. This trip back provides us with the lineaments for a great tasting and the structure of what is to come.

Finally, we examine the human factor. Winemakers do make a difference and in Napa, that difference can be huge. From the ultra-ripe to the ultra-lean, Napa’s winemaking traditions are at their most divergent.

For the Napa enthusiast, or the casual imbiber wanting to explore, this is a tasting not to miss.





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