Valles Chardonnay Viura 2016


$12.99 $6.99

We here at Waterford love to drink (and sell, but mostly drink) wines with long histories and deep backstories. Unfortunately, this wine doesn’t have either of those. To be frank, it’s a love affair with two quick and easy steps.

First, an American importer met with a wine co-operative in Carinena, Spain. The American learned the co-op was making good wine in a modern style – fresh, fruity, lively and clean, as well as darn tasty, and good drinking. “A wine for drinking” the Spanish would call it.

Second, the importer imported it and it sold very well. Now he wants to gear up for the next vintage, but  he had a little remaining of this one. He sent a sample and offered us a price. I like the wine, and found the deal too good to pass up:

Valles Chardonnay Viura offers up a nose of white peaches, stone fruit, green apple and a hint of roasted almond. To me, this is the Chardonnay component that also gives a bit of richness to the palate. Viura is a grape native to Spain, and it brings in notes of lemon and lime, citrus fruit, pineapple and wild flowers. The palate is crisp and refreshing, and all about easy drinking.

I admit, it’s not the most compelling wine story. But heck, at this price, why not  party on with this Spanish beauty and create your own!

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