Woodenhead Zinfandel Guido Venturi Vineyard 2015



Sometimes one taste is enough to sweep me off my feet, forget wine professionalism, and start drinking for pure hedonistic pleasure. And here’s my new jam:

Oodles of black currant, fig and black cherry fruit saturate the glass (and the palate) with their lush symphony of alcoholic pleasure. Yes, I said it – Woodenhead’s Venturi Vineyard Zinfandel is big, lush, smooth and supple-drinking Zinfandel made in that 1990s old school kind of way. There are no obtuse wine-snob tertiary aromas to sort through here, nor acidic trivialities haunting the fruit expression. Normally, I am not so enamored of this style of wine but hey—I know undeniable gratification when I taste it.

Have just a glass of this after a hard day’s work: Just one glass is going to sweep you off your feet, warm your insides, and make you feel like this is what you have been waiting for. But if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop – the second glass is going to wrap you up like a big wool blanket, assuring you that it is possible to live through this brutal Wisconsin winter and the pandemic. And the third and fourth glass? Let’s just say that the last glass is always the best…

Planted in 1924, the Venturi Vineyard has been in the same family’s hands to this day. It is a small 30-acre vineyard situated between Red Valley and Ukiah up in Mendocino County. A small, two-acre plot on loamy soil accounts for this robust old-vine Zinfandel. Only 300 cases were produced, and we got them at an astounding price.

Now at five years old, this 2015 vintage is right in the prime of its drinking / cellaring window. It will be gorgeous for at least another three years but, honestly, why wait? You deserve this granddaddy of a Zinfandel. Heck, we all do!


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