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For the final test in cooking school I was told I needed to know exactly two things about Pinot Grigio.  First, I was gonna buy it for a dollar a bottle and sell it for $8 a glass in my restaurant and second, I was gonna serve it ice cold.  No respect at all.

When it came time to open the imbibing love fest I call Waterford Wine, an admirer of Friulian / Slovenian Pinot Grigio (they are separated by political borders, not wine regions) and I got in an argument about Pinot Grigio.  His claim?  – that in the right hands, Pinot Grigio could make great wine by any classification: full of flavor, juicy minerality in texture, perfectly age-worthy for up to 15 years, and just all-around great drinking – chilled to a crisp or no.

My mind was blown, because he was right. I became a convert to Pinot Grigio, searching out all the nifty places it could grow – Friuli, Alto Adige, Slovenia, Alsace (as Pinot Gris) and Oregon (as the same).  I wouldn’t say it’s ubiquitous like Chardonnay, it likes to be grown where it wants.  But when it finds a good home, it does amazing things.

And that leads us to our wine today.   Why the Smith family, owners of Yalumba, and fifth-generation winemakers in South Australia, choose to plant Pinot Grigio, I have no idea.  Having met two of the winemakers, I would guess that it’s because they like experimenting and are always willing to try new things, including new grape varieties in places nobody’s ever though of before.  And what they’ve done, is rocked my Pinot Grigio world again:

Because this baby is indeed going to rock you.  It’s gonna make you grab a group of friends and start up a corroboree just to get all its exuberant energy out.  Lemon zest, white peaches, subtle hints of white flowers, a grace note of honeycomb, and the aromas of an open body of water on a warm summer sunset all rise out of the glass.  But here’s the thing – as interesting as all that is, this Pinot Grigio is the kinda wine that lets you not think about how good it is.  That’s right, turn off the intellectual side and turn on the hedonistic energy.  Turn it up to 11. Drink this while dancing with indigenous people in the park, guzzle it on a picnic, sip it while sitting in a hammock reading the day away, take a glass out to the garden, put an ice cube in it (I did!).  It’s just utterly delicious.


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