Zolo Cabernet Sauvignon 2019



What’s a guy to do after he’s spent 44 vintages making “arguably one of the world’s most revered and most expensive wines”?

Retire! To a beautiful place with gorgeous mountains, stunning sunsets, and enough acreage to roam free. Retire! Of course, in order to pursue his passion of … making wine.

And that is exactly what Jean-Claude Berrouet, chief winemaker of Chateau Petrus, did after 44 vintages there.

If you think I am speaking in hyperbole, I’m not. Simply check out his Wikipedia page to get the bona fides. Or, take a word from his former boss and owner of Chateau Petrus: “Jean-Claude Berrouet’s contribution has not only been lengthy, but also, immeasurable. With a lifelong passion in poetry as well as wine, his philosophy has been for the wines to express their terroir, always favoring elegance over extraction.”

Poetry in wine. What more could you ask? Well, I suppose you could ask for some actual wine!

When Jean-Claude retired, he took up the project of Zolo in Mendoza, Argentina. There are good reasons for this. First, if you haven’t visited, Argentina is laid-back, gorgeous, and cheap. It’s like Colorado, with Mendoza being a tiny version of Denver, where U.S. greenbacks (or Euros) go a long, long way. Second, it’s a great country for growing grapes – old vines, intense sunlight, almost no disease pressure. It’s basically the opposite of France’s marginal climates. And finally, Cabernet is the main varietal of Bordeaux. Summing it up – if you love your work, Mendoza is an ideal place to “retire” and keep the love right on flowing.

And what Jean-Claude has made is one of the silkiest, most balanced Cabernets there is:

The 2019 Zolo Cabernet has an extra level of intensity and complexity that is seriously elegant, refined, and draws it near the magic of Petrus. Full-bodied with great purity, the wine reveals notes of intense black cherries, red licorice, and black truffles. It’s sumptuous and loaded with glycerin and depth, yet it is also totally expressive of the terroir – exquisitely refined and balanced. Drinkable right now (yes, Southern hemisphere wines are always six months ahead, harvest being in February instead of September), and it will continue to age for another 10 years.

Passion, poetry, elegance, and one of the world’s most revered wines … but not the most expensive. Enjoy with immense pleasure!

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