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1847 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Country/State California

Region Napa Valley



Type Cabernet Sauvignon

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A lot of people ask – “what’s your top Domestic Cabernet?”

And I inevitably point to this gem – Napa 1847 Cabernet. 

1847's lush and open dark cherry fruit character, its rich and full-bodied feel on the palate, and supple smoothness on the finish all make it a perfect-drinking Cabernet. Delicious for all these reasons, but amazing for the fact that it’s 100% Napa Cabernet, and not backwater Napa Cabernet - 60% Oakville and 40% Rutherford, absolute prime Napa real estate. And with its neighbors making wine for hundreds of dollars more, this beauty comes in at a shockingly low price.

The story behind 1847 is that of Michael and MaryAnn Pozzan. As a young couple in the North Coast of California, MaryAnn and Michael to start their own eponymous winery. For years Michael had been making wine for other people – giving him a strong track record of hunting down the best fruit in both Napa and Sonoma. So they took the leap in the early 1990s and while Michael sourced grapes and made wine, MaryAnn handled the business side. Together, once harvest was done, they’d hit the road doing the hard work of selling wine.

Michael and MaryAnn have stayed a focused, small, family-run operation for over three decades, with their first full-time employee being their eldest son, seven years after he graduated from college. Throughout the entire time the family business motto has been: “The pleasure of good wine is not just about balanced flavors, a fragrant nose, or lush colors. It’s also about the moment when that first sip is taken, with family or friends, over favorite foods or during special occasions. We create wines for moments like those.”

And indeed, the Napa 1847 Cabernet is one such highly drinkable wine:

This Cabernet opens with warm fruit aromas of dark cherry, bursting with ripeness raspberries, and touches of melted chocolate and vanilla. On the palate the wine is luscious, rounded in its fruit character, and smooth. It’s a powerhouse of a Cabernet with its completely integrated tannins, perfect for drinking now.

When making this wine, Michael and MaryAnn were wanting to celebrate the original town of Napa, founded in 1847. Here is to a great family-run winery and one of the world's greatest places to make Cabernet!