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Chateau Rieussec Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes

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Country/State France

Region Bordeaux

Subregion Sauternes

Vineyard/Proprietary Carmes de Rieussec

Type Semillon

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This Valentine’s Day, everybody needs a bottle of this Sauternes. Why? Because it’s amazing and sooooo easy to enjoy.

Amazing – Sauternes must be the nectar of the gods. It’s viscously silky, sexy, yet sweet—and yes, that sweetness comes from an entirely organic process (Botrytis) that turns healthy, ripe wine into powerfully concentrated, richly flavored, nuanced and and far beyond anything else in the wine world. These botrytised grapes are then fermented in the typical wine fashion, which results in a liquid pleasure of such intense aromatic complexity, smooth, round languidness, and dynamic energy that it’s impossible to drink just one glass. Because of all this, Sauternes are usually incredibly expensive, putting them into the realm of only during fancy dining. Yet here, with our sweetheart deal, there is no reason not to enjoy Sauternes with abandon!

Easy to enjoy– you may not be thinking about it yet, but what’s the easiest, most elegant, dessert that you could possibly make to finish your Valentine’s dinner with a flourish? No, its not that chocolate torte recipe you’ve been meaning to try. It’s this bottle of Sauternes. Yes, that’s right, the dessert is in the bottle, the bottle is dessert. That’s the reason it’s called dessert wine. Your bold play – simply turn the lights down low, light some candles, pull out some nice glassware and serve this guy chilled. Romance at the turn of the corkscrew. Serve with Upland Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve and you’ve practically sealed the deal for hours to come. 

Or even better – go out for that Valentine’s meal, but when you come back home, have all of the above ready and I guarantee you’ll experience a life-enhanced evening!

Yes, this is a full-sized 750 mL bottle. But don’t worry. You don’t need to pound it off all in one sitting. In my general experience, Sauternes have such robust acidity that they can hold in the refrigerator for a week. So did you have a fun evening on Valentine’s night? Maybe you should repeat it on Wednesday, and Friday, and the following Monday as well. At this price, you can.

Sauternes is the name and style of a wine from the geographic area of Graves, Bordeaux. This area has a cute little bend in the river that nicely enough causes Botrytis to oftentimes set in on the vineyards just beyond this bend in the perfect way. Rieussec is a top growth of Sauternes, second only to its neighbor Y’quem (which it borders). Founded in the 1790s by Carmelite monks, it was one of the first properties to be elected into the Grand Cru Classe system and is presently owned by First Growth Lafite Rothschild.

The Carmes de Rieussec (this wine) is Rieussec’s “second” dessert wine, made in a fresher, more open, less long-aging style than their main Sauternes. And yes, because it’s made in fresher style, if you don’t drink the whole bottle (I don’t ever experience this problem) it will hold in the fridge for at least a week. Hence, this beauty it’s ready for action tonight (or any night forthcoming)!

When I saw this hot deal come through the supply chain, I knew that this Valentine’s Day, everyone can have a happy ending.❤️