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Bodegas Las Campanas "111" Grenacha / Cabernet Blend

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Country/State Spain

Region Navarra



Type Grenache Blend

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A common job in the wine industry is “buyer,” one who literally buys the wine to sell. Well, sometimes buyers disconnect those two components, the buying and the selling, of their jobs. Buyers gone wild: purchasing wines that, realistically, they cannot sell.

Once a buyer goes wild, they usually get fired. Which presents a quandary: All that purchased wine has no home at the retailer and is sitting stuck at the wholesaler. Wine isn’t like Coca-Cola, because wineries can’t turn off the tap. They’ll make wine each year and need the “throughput.” Throughput isn’t so sexy a term. I prefer to think of it as, this wine needs a happy home. 

Such is the case with Bodegas Las Campanas "111" Garnacha Cabernet Blend. An ultra-premium Tete de Cuvee blend of Grenche and Cabernet from the winery known as Rey de los Unos "King of the Ones" from Navarra, Spain, originally released at $24 a bottle! What could go wrong?

Well, a buyer went wild (not local) and bought a lot of it. I mean A LOT, like oceans. And the importer was stuck with a good chunk of it.  

What to do? Happy Homes Libations (aka, Waterford Wine). Because really, how could we pass up an ultra-premium blend made by a king at 50% off? That, and this wine does not suck: 

It’s darn good drinkin’. It’s 85% Garnacha (Grenache) and 15% Cabernet. Immediately upon opening, it offers up flavors of red fruits – cherries and red currants, coupled with touches of plums and peaches. Cabernet makes the palate fruit-driven, with a freshness and soft acidity that renders it delicious for all. The winery's ad company describes it as “passion, soul, pleasure and festivity” blended together. Let’s just say that I’d give it an A for effort – the fruit is ripe, the body is supple and full, and the finish is smooth. 

Let’s just suppose you’ve got a late holiday office party coming up: This wine is perfect. Everyone will love it, nobody will guess its price. Or maybe in-laws? Or for when you just need that fourth bottle. Or heck, hold onto it for next year, or a couple more years down the road. It's great drinking now, and it will be then. Cheers!