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Benjamin Chapman 7 Year Whiskey

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Country/State Canada

Type Whiskey

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Whenever America’s whiskey lovers have been in need, Canadian whiskey has answered the call. 

Throughout prohibition our neighbors to the north kept a steady stream of rye flowing across the border (with the help of some admittedly unsavory characters). More recently, whiskey legend Dave Pickerell looked to Canada as the source of the coveted rye he used to launch Whistlepig.

In Canada “Rye” has become synonymous with “Whiskey” even though, legally, Canadian "rye" doesn’t have to contain any rye at all, just a blend of cereal grains “in the Canadian style”. In fact, most early Canadian whiskey consisted of mainly aged wheat whiskies.  Over time, distilleries found that adding some rye to the mashbill created a more pleasant and complex whiskey and calling a Canadian Whiskey “Rye” was a sign of quality and distinction.

Today, Benjamin Chapman is a benchmark for what Canadian Rye is becoming. Fashioned with a blend of 51% 10-Year Canadian Rye and 49% 7-Year Canadian Prairie Wheat. The rye is distilled in small batches with water sourced from the northern Rockies in an old-fashioned pot still for a clean and flavorful profile. Aged in white oak casks for just over ten years, an optimum level of char adds complex layers of vanilla and spice.

The Canadian Prairie Wheat is distilled in continuous triple column stills and aged for a minimum of seven years in American oak whiskey barrels for a rich and bold style of whiskey. 

Blended together for the perfect combination of smoothness and spice, this lighter sipper is perfect for summer nights, or as a base for your favorite cocktails. 

We were an early supporter of Benjamin Chapman in Wisconsin, so we were able to strike a deal to get you this superb, age-statement whiskey at the best price anywhere, and half off the release price! So pick up a couple bottles to get you through these remaining hot summer nights.