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Buffalo Chip Bloody Butcher Bourbon

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Country/State Kentucky




Type Whiskey

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Bardstown Bourbon Company has been releasing some of the most sought-after (and expensive) bourbons we've seen recently. In addition to producing these bottles under their own name, they're also a source of whiskey for a number of exceptional small producers.  Buffalo Chip, based in Columbia, Tennessee, is one of our favorites. 

This bourbon caught our eye because it features a single variety of heirloom corn known as Bloody Butcher, which has dark red kernels, and a sweet, nutty flavor.  Whiskies featuring a single variety of grain are exceedingly rare, and usually very expensive. 

Buffalo Chip's Bloody Butcher Bourbon blew us away with its smoothness, with flashes of vanilla and toasted pecans on both the nose and palate. This is a classic three-grain blend of heirloom corn, rye, and malt. It's bottled at 105 proof, yet it doesn't drink hot because of the natural sweetness of the corn.

Buffalo Chip Bloody Butcher traces its history back to 1845 when a farmer named William Harrison planted the first seeds of Bloody Butcher in Virginia.  Harrison's experiment was a success, and Bloody Butcher corn was soon planted from Virginia to Kentucky. 

In the early 1900s, a group of farmers in Bardstown, Kentucky, decided to use Bloody Butcher corn to make bourbon. They called their bourbon "Buffalo Chip Bloody Butcher Bourbon," after the buffalo chips that were used to fuel the fires in their stills.

Buffalo Chip Bloody Butcher Bourbon quickly became a favorite among bourbon drinkers. It was known for its smooth flavor and its deep, rich color. Buffalo Chip Bloody Butcher Bourbon was even served by the Eisenhower administration at the White House. 

Unfortunately, Buffalo Chip Bourbon fell victim to the challenges facing the bourbon industry in the mid 20th century and ceased operations.

In 2019, a group of friends partnered with the owners of the Buffalo Chip bar in Sturgis, SD, to bring the bourbon back to life. Working with the master distillers at Bardstown Bourbon Company, they are blending and bottling themselves, ensuring the original character is preserved. 

We loved this bourbon on taste alone, but when we were able to get an amazing price on it, we bought all we could, which is how we're able to offer you such a great deal.  If you like richer, smoother bourbons, is sure to delight!