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Ca dei Frati "Rosa dei Frati"

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Type Rose

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Last year, we released the wine Ca dei Frati "I Frati" - one of those Italian wines that are famous in Italy, sell out instantly upon release, wind up on all the Italian 3-star Michelin restaurant lists. Now we're back, with Ca dei Frati's "Rosa dei Frati" - their rose, and it's every bit as exceptional as their white wine:

This wine is composed, peaceful, elegant, almost as if it was produced from the halcyon days of Frati past, with monks singing and picking fruit in the vineyard, bringing it down to the winery, pressing to create their enchanting fruit elixir that gently wafts them to sleepiness with each sip. The flavors aren’t strong, but they are resonant with ripe apricots, black cherries, and white balsamic flowers enchanting in the glass. As you might guess from its composure, the palate is smooth, languid, supple. It’s the perfect match for almost any food (surely an olive oil-poached fish with a blood orange almond vinaigrette atop a cipollini onion risotto is in order?). Yet its palate weight stands up as a cocktail. Actually, where it really shines is with good friends – it’s the kind of wine that you’ll just keep opening bottles of because it’s so darn good, but you won’t even realize how good it is until it’s gone!

The name, Ca dei Frati has longstanding fame in northeastern Italy dating back at least to 1782, the oldest confirmed documentation of the wine from “the house of the Friars.” The modern history dates just on the eve of World War II, when Felice dal Cero took over from his father, Domenico, the exact same house and vineyards dating back to 1782. After 30 years of nursing these vines, Felice’s son Pietro took over, and with Pietro passing in 2012, children Igino, Anna Maria, and Gian Franco (pictured above, and I happen to love how non-rock star that picture makes this passionate wine-making family appear) are now at the helm.

The Cero family note that "the ease of drinking this wine encourages a carefree attitude by the second glass. And indeed, that is the case!