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Domaine Daulny Clos Chaudenay Sancerre

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Country/State France

Region Loire

Subregion Sancerre

Vineyard/Proprietary Le Clos de Chaudenay

Type Sauvignon Blanc

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Yeah, we know it’s crazy to be running a Sancerre special in the middle of the winter, but this Sancerre – Daulny’s Le Clos de Chaudenay – stopped us stone-cold in our tracks, and not just because it’s cold outside! The journey that this wine will take you on is a scintillating thrill ride that goes beyond merely good, to absolutely, sublimely profound.

Sancerre famously sits on the Kimmeridgean soil plate, an ancient marine soil type that includes Chablis, Champagne, and even parts of England that is said to give its white wines the power, density and structure that makes them built for the long haul as well as thrillingly dynamic when young.

And while Etienne Daulny owns some of the best vineyard sites in town (including Les Monts Damnes and Les Bois Butteaux), this vineyard is something unique, special and all his own. The Clos de Chaudenay (rough translation “hot spot”) is a single walled-in vineyard, 100% on the famed Kimmeridgean soil, and right next to his winery. This is his pride and joy and in the glass, it shows:

On the nose there are SB’s classic aromas of grapefruit and Meyer lemon, those however are moderated by a dynamic sense of minerality. As the wine unfolds, notes of cantaloupe, pear and orange blossom come to the fore. As time goes on, the wine draws out wonderful textures of créme fraiche, marzipan and limestone. It’s simply delicious on its own, or serve it with roasted monkfish studded with smoked bacon, atop onion cream puree, drizzled with sauce au cresson.

Though it’s delightful right out of the bottle, I encourage a longer-term exploration of this dynamic, soulful white wine. I know it sounds crazy – “isn’t Sauvignon Blanc supposed to be drunk as fresh as possible?” No, I would argue. Not only can Sancerre taste better decanted, but the best examples—like this one—also age extremely well. So before you start cooking the winter meal drink off a glass – you’ll feel better and the wine will be better for the guests, too!

Don’t let the cool weather dissuade you – this serious Sancerre is for all occasions.