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Deau Cognac Tasting Kit VS - VSOP - XO

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Country/State France

Type Cognac

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1 bottle each VS, VSOP, XO, 200 ml.

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Cognac is the world’s most expensive spirit, with an average price of $2,500 and a high of $34,000 a bottle. It’s darn tasty, too. 

But it’s also only a name. Yes, it’s named after a French King, but Louis XIII was not a farmer, distiller, blender nor bottler. In other words, the world’s most expensive spirit is sourced juice with a dead king’s name on it. 

Now, Rémy Martin isn’t doing anything “wrong”—in fact, they are following the traditional manufacturing paradigm of French brandy – Farmer A grows the grapes, makes the spirit, and matures it. Commercial Agent B bottles the brandy and sends it to market with their own name on it. That’s why the biggest names in Cognac don’t have anything to do with the art of making the spirit.

Since Coganc’s recovery after World War II, the system has been a smashing success for commercial agents. Just think of the three largest names in Cognac and how they have all become super-mega-luxury brand companies. In essence they are only middlemen, whose minimal efforts earn them vast returns. I say, let’s cut out those middlemen– by going straight to the source for some superlative drinking!

Deau, on the other hand, has been a grower and distiller since the late 17th century, during the Reign of Louis XIV. For the better part of the last century, they’ve been providing spirits to some of the biggest names in Cognac.

When the Bru-Legaret family took over the estate three generations ago, they decided to start releasing their estate-grown Cognac under their own name.  Today, under the direction of Véronique and her son Roland, Deau is producing some of the richest, smoothest cognacs in the world in their over 2,000-barrel cellar.

Just in time for Father’s Day, we are featuring a beautiful decanter bottle of their XO (750ml), as well as a three-bottle gift set that includes the VS, VSOP, and XO.

The XO is aged at least 10 years and is sourced  from a blend of eaux-de-vie from the family's holdings in both Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. It boasts rich aromas and a smooth palate with delicate notes of nuts, cocoa and fig blend with the fine spices, liquorice and nutmeg.

The three-bottle gift set pairs 200ml bottles of the XO with the VS and VSOP. These expressions spend less time aging than the XO, but still boast the signature Deau smoothness and complexity. Presented in a beautiful gift box with a clasp closure, the sets are a great way to explore all the dimensions of classic Cognac. 

Whether you're picking something special for Dad, or just want to treat yourself, Deau Cognac will be a perfect summer sipper, at an unbeatable price.