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Event Date Thursday, August 1, 6 pm

Event Type Wine Tasting Seminar

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Maybe it’s because our Wisconsin summers are so short, that we enjoy them with all the more gusto. If those first fair days of spring (and the 100 or so that follow) make you long to get outside and light up the grill, then this tasting is for you!

We’ll hand-pick refreshing wines to make your favorite burgers, steaks, ribs, chicken or fish even more scrumptious. We’ll serve up the best picks for hot dogs and sausages, too! There’s something fresh for everyone at this seminar.

The most successful pairings make you want to take another sip, have another bite—and this wine tasting will give you actionable ideas for all your summer and early fall cookouts. We’ll also share our best wine-serving and grilling secrets at this tasting. It’s a good time to grill!

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