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Domaine de la Font des Peres Bandol Rose 2021

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Country/State France

Region Provence

Subregion Bandol


Type Rhone Blend

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One of the many privileges of working in the wine industry is the opportunity to research, study, taste and, hopefully, eventually visit beautiful places on this earth that are the magical combination of grapes, people and history. In a word - vineyards. And those vineyards creating delicious wine. 

Take the vineyards of Font de Peres, for example. The simple name actually says it all - with a bit of explanation. The “Peres” are “Fathers”—in this case, not meaning the colloquial “dads” but rather, observant monks. And “font” meaning the “Source”, the source of very fine wine indeed. You see, over 500 years ago, monks came to this place in Provence, and realized it was the perfect site for a vineyard. 

In the heart of the Bandol appellation, not only does the Font have fresh running water, but it also faces in the direction of the Mistral winds, all the while being right next to the sea but still 350 meters above. These climatic conditions give a natural place where vines can thrive - because of the wind disease pressure can be kept low, the altitude keeps a lively fruit character and vibrancy in the wine, and the sea provides for a minerality and freshness. Mother Nature’s way of naturally harmonizing a site to make exceptional wines. 

This site continued to produce fruit and wine for the monks up until the end of the 18th century. Then its history of ownership, and cultivation, become obscure. Our tale picks back up in the early 1980s, when Caroline and Philippe Chauvin first started observing the site on family vacations. Pioneers in another field, it wasn’t until 1991 that they were able to acquire their first 6 hectares of this site. In 2015 they were able to acquire the rest, and the site was restored to its former glory, as showcased in this beautiful wine:

The wine opens with hints of grapefruit, orange pith, neroli, stone fruits and a touch of sea spray. The palate is supple, rounded, big (for a rose) and with great depth. It doesn’t lack for refreshment however – its long mineral finish is as bright as you’d expect from Bandol rose. In other words, it’s simply delicious.

This is the first time La Font de Peres has been offered in Wisconsin, and we got it at an exceptional price. Our stash is small, but our hearts are big and we’d love to share. Don’t miss this elegant French rose!