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Langmeil Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon

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Country/State Australia

Region Barossa Valley



Type Cabernet

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If we think about Australia being a nation of immigrants, we tend to think of sea captains and criminals. While that may have been true in the late 18th century, Australia later received immigrants in waves – first Germans in the 1820s, and then Italians starting in the 1920s.

Like many Midwestern immigrants, these were farmers looking for a land of opportunity. And by and large, they found it. First, the Germans in Barossa; later, Italians in McLaren Vale. The first generation generally subsistence-farmed, but by the second, most of them realized that both of these valleys were perfect for grapes and wine production. Such is the case with the Linder family, from Langmeil, Barossa Valley, Australia. 

The Linders arrived from the German-speaking region of Silesia, Europe, which now lies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. As a proud, Lutheran, Germanic family, they did what most of their friends and neighbors did when they arrived in Australia – started working. And working hard. 

The Linders now span six generations of farmers, small-goods traders, butchers, herders, orchard tenders, and pretty much any agricultural product you can think of. Which of course, included wine.

While wine has a longstanding history in the Linder family, it wasn’t until the fifth generation that it was taken on as a significant proposition. That generation—Richard Linder, specifically—decided that the encroachment of modern suburban life on old ways of farming should be stopped, and he was the man to do it. You see, at that point, many of Australia’s vineyards were being ripped out to make way for development, including some of the oldest vines in the world (horrors!).

Richard purchased the Langmeil Winery, which was first planted in 1843, and indeed, farms the original 1843 plot of Shiraz, named the Freedom Vines. And that is one heck of a bottle of wine. This wine, Valley Floor Shiraz, I think is a bit incongruous to Americans because of its name. If you’ve been to Napa Valley, “Valley Floor” tends to be a bit of a put-down. But not in Australia. Here, the Valley Floor is the most highly prized piece of land in Barossa, delivering you the essence of Australian Shiraz.

And that certainly shows: ultra-ripe blackberries, anise and spice, blue floral notes and a power-packed crème de cassis comes exploding out of the glass. You’ll note the vintage, and at 9 years old, this beauty is drinking right out of the gates, direct from the cracking: blackberry pie, mocha, and roasted strawberries flood the nose with their intense aromas. The palate joins in with hints of figs, touches of freshly smoked bacon, a hint of eucalyptus, and generous notes of rich vanilla and baking spices. This wine showcases the enormous potential of old vine Shiraz.

This wine, when sold young and at its regular price, was always a top value. Now, with cellar age and a reduced price to boot, it’s a steal! Don’t miss our limited allocation.