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Piedra Negra Rose of Pinot Gris 2020

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Country/State Argentina

Region Mendoza

Subregion Valle de Uco


Type Pinot Gris

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You know what the easiest wine shopping is? Top shelf. If your budget is $100 a bottle per night, You’re bound to have great nights. 

You know what the hardest wine shopping is? Below $6 a bottle. There are a billion explanations as to why, but let’s just skip all those and get to the good part. Those of you who scroll down to the bottom of the email to check the price (like me) are already experiencing some trepidation, and I completely understand. Know this - if my little epistle doesn’t persuade you to purchase this wine, all our stores will have it available to taste for your delectation this weekend and leading up to the holiday. 

So let’s consider:

First, this wine is tasty. Is it going to knock your socks off, cause you to see stars, jump the moon, say a little prayer for world peace? No. It’s fun, easygoing, dry pink wine. This dry rose has a little hint of strawberries and a quick, zippy midpalate that still  has substance, The finish is short, but who really ever enjoys a “long finish” anyway? Basically, don’t look a gift glass in the mouth. 

Second, it’s in screw cap. Boring science, but essentially screw cap is a super tight closure that with wine, like spirits, makes the juice inert. So once under screw cap, the wine doesn’t age. What went into the bottle, is coming out of the bottle … just the way the winery intended. 

Third, boring logistics, but, to get the price, we had to buy a lot. Like an “ocean” a lot. Hence the super-deep case discount. We’re trying to part the waves and, unlike Moses and mighty Joe Louis, we’re not picking sides. We’re here to sell good wine, make people happy, and help you party on the Fourth. USA!

To sum up:

The wine is tasty, easy drinking, no harsh edges and yeah, we’d drink it.

Don’t stop to think, buy it by the case. 

If you stopped to think, then stop to drink. Visit one of our  stores for a sip or two. 

All in - cheers and happy Fourth!