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Red Line Elements Amburana Bourbon

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Type Whiskey

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When you taste spirits for a living it’s rare that a whiskey makes you sit up and take notice. Red Line Elements Amburana Finished Bourbon absolutely blew us away.

Let’s start with “Amburana”.  What is that exactly?

Amburana Oak is a very rare and expensive Brazilian Oak that gives whiskey an incredibly rich and aromatic quality that is big on cinnamon and baking spice that shines through in this bottle along with a smooth backbone of caramel and toffee. It exudes warmth and comfort – a true sipping bourbon.

Unlike whiskey finished in port, sherry, or cognac barrels, the flavor of this finish is coming entirely from the wood.  Distilleries usually release a very small amount of Amburana finished whiskey because they only have a tiny number of barrels to use for finishing.  When they release it, they usually label it as "Cigar Batch" or "Cigar Barrel" and it's incredibly limited in production, and exorbitantly expensive.

When Red Line launched in Wisconsin earlier this year, we brought in as much as we could, and promptly blew through our initial allocation in a matter of days just by opening up a bottle and tasting it out.

Red Line is run out of Paducah Kentucky by the father and son team of Taylor and Brad Morley. Over the last few months of putting together this barrel, we’ve had the chance to get to know both of them, and there are few people in the spirits industry today as committed to tradition and quality as they are.

Brad has decades of experience in the wine world, with residencies at some of the best producers in the US and Europe. His son Taylor, who is Red Line’s Master Blender, has studied with some of the icons of the Bourbon Trail. They geek out about terroir, grain sourcing, types of oak, and food pairings - in short, they are Waterford People.