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Starlight Private Barrel Bourbon - Estate Grape Brandy Barrel Finish

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Country/State Indiana




Type Bourbon

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Our latest Private Barrel Bourbon from Waterford favorite Starlight Distillery is the perfect way to warm up this winter, and the perfect gift for the whiskey fan who has everything.

The barrel used to finish our bourbon started life 10 years ago holding the Huber Family Farm’s  estate grape brandy. It’s found a second life finishing a blend of Starlight’s estate-grown 4 grain (51%corn, 20%rye, 20%malted barley, 9%wheat) and 3 grain (60%corn, 20%rye, 20% malted barley) bourbon. The bourbon has a 5 year age statement, with much of the blend having an age of 6-7 years. It’s bottled at cask strength (113.6 proof), and is a powerhouse of flavor and balance.

Starlight’s cask finishes are sought after by bourbon connoisseurs and collectors, and their Estate Grape Brandy Barrel finishes are one of their most limited.

On the palate, this one-of-a-kind private barrel doesn’t disappoint.  The dominant flavors are a blend of vanilla, baking spice, roasted nuts and molasses. The heavy toast on the finishing barrel lends a dark and rich complexity, with brandy-soaked wood giving a subtle hint of sweetness. It’s perfect with just a splash of water, or as a great way to take your holiday Old Fashioneds to the next level.

Starlight Distillery is located in southern Indiana, just a short drive over the Ohio River from Kentucky, and is on the same aquifer as all the big names in Bourbon. It sits in the middle of the 650-acre Huber family farm and orchard that’s been around for over a century. Heirloom rye and corn (red, white, and blue varieties) are grown on the property, meaning that Starlight controls every aspect of what goes into their bottles - and you can taste the difference.  

Our Private barrels are a perfect pick for the whiskey lover in your life, you’ll know you’re giving them something they’ve never had before.  But don’t wait to pick up a bottle, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.