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Starlight Private Waterford Single Barrel Rickhouse Select Bourbon

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Country/State Indiana

Type Bourbon

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Our latest Private Barrel Bourbon from Waterford favorite Starlight Distillery is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer and enjoy the coming cool nights of fall. This is a unique single barrel of Starlight’s 4-Grain (51% corn, 20% rye, 20% malted barley, 9% wheat) mash bill that stole the show at a whiskey seminar at our Madison store last month.

This Bourbon spent almost 5 years in a specially selected barrel from Canton Cooperage.  The barrel was air dried for 1 year, then given a medium toast over a soft flame to caramelize the inside of the barrel before being charred to a char 3 level, and capped with a toasted head.

A few weeks prior to bottling, Starlight moved our barrel to the hottest part of the upper levels of their rickhouse, which spurs more interaction between the whiskey and the wood.  A slight delay in label production meant that the barrel spent a few extra weeks in the extreme heat of July, creating a rich color and flavor that is reminiscent of a higher age statement.

This is the first time we’ve done an unfinished single barrel from Starlight. Finding their 4-grain barrels is such a rare occurrence that we couldn’t pass this one up!

Starlight’s single barrels are sought after by bourbon collectors, and are delicious drinking for the novice and connoisseur alike.

On the palate, this one-of-a-kind private barrel does not disappoint. The dominant flavors are vanilla, baking spice, roasted nuts and molasses. At 115.6 proof, it’s not shy, but has a smooth finish.  Great for sipping with a dash of water or in your favorite cocktail.

Starlight Distillery is located in southern Indiana, just a short drive over the Ohio River from Kentucky, and is on the same aquifer as all the big names in Bourbon Country. It sits in the middle of the 650-acre Huber family farm and orchard that’s been around for over a century. Heirloom rye and corn (red, white, and blue varieties) are grown on the property, meaning that Starlight controls every aspect of what goes into their bottles - and you can taste the difference.