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Strandveld First Sighting Shiraz

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Country/State South Africa




Type Shiraz

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Here is a $5 bottle of wine. It wasn’t always five dollars, but now it is indeed $4.99.

How does it taste? Pretty lovely actually – it’s got toasty cinnamon notes, blackcurrants, touches of cloves, cassis and notes of black pepper. It is Shiraz, so it has plenty of fruit on the midpalate, good concentration and a nice, rich finish. While I know we as Americans may not hold Shiraz in as high a regard as Cabernet (or South Africa in as high as regard as California) this little bottle of wine is a darn potent contender - fruit, silky, spicy its got everything you need for an easy going tipple or a sophisticated steak dinner. In short, don't let the price drop fool you.

Why is it so cheap? Well, it wasn't always. I think, but by no means can guarantee, that it was a custom crush project from South Africa’s famed Strandveld Vineyards for the Canadian LCBO (their liquor control board). Somewhere, somehow, this wine didn’t meet its Canadian destiny, and now it is looking for a happy home. I like to swear at Canadians every chance I get, but your spam blockers would infringe on that. So please insert your favorite Canadian epithets here. And then enjoy with pleasure their mistake! 

Strandveld Vineyards is actually one of South Africa's premier wineries. Founded in 2001 by a group of wine lovers, they turned to the original navigational maps of the first European explorers looking for ideal conditions to plant grapes. What they found was Barrtholomeu Dias, and his sighting (and mapping) of Cape Agulhas, which divides the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Hence the name of this wine. Here, between the cape and the city of Elim, they planted vineyards in 2001. They are now the Southern most winery and vineyards in South Africa. And as noted, they are immensely respected there. Which is probably why another commonwealth Government contracted them to make this wine.

So, what do you do with a five buck South African Shiraz? 

You could drink it straightaway, as I have. It's simply lovely in every way - nose, pallet, wallet.

You could use it as a cellar defender, stopping the nefarious third (fourth?) bottle charge into the privileged section of the cellar. 

You could make a lovely mulled wine out of it for a cozy evening. 

You could make a fresh and fruity sangria of it for a sassy morning. 

And you could pour it in the braise and make amazing short ribs! 

Or, you could just drink this beauty while trying to relearn 3rd grade mathematics. It’ll help, trust me.

Critical acclaim:

"96 points International Wine and Spirits Awards.

"Strandveld Vineyards, Africa’s southernmost winery, situated in the Elim wine ward near Cape Agulhas has earned another top rating for their cool climate Shiraz.

"This time it is the First Sighting Shiraz with a Platinum Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Awards and earning a 96 point rating. Only 36 Platinum Medals were awarded at the Competition, putting the First Sighting Shiraz among the top 1% of entrants.

"This delicious medium bodied Shiraz shows spicy white pepper and mocha aromas with vibrant red and black berry flavours and a touch of fynbos. It has a juicy palate with savoury tannins, subtle toasted oak with a long spicy finish.

"It is available for purchase from the Strandveld Vineyards tasting room or online store, selling for R88 per bottle, and is also available at selected retailers and restaurants around the country. [and in Wisconsin at Waterford Wine!]