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Tattersall American Whiskey Port Cask Waterford Barrel Pick

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Country/State Wisconsin




Type Whiskey

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Our first Private Barrell from Tattersall Distilling has arrived, and you will kick yourself if you don't pick up a couple bottles while we still have it in stock. It is truly one of a kind, and you will never see another whiskey like it. 

This exclusive Waterford release blew us away with its smoothness and rich flavor. It was originally a special order for a restaurant group, but the pandemic prevented delivery, so now it’s got an unbeatable price – along with a few extra years of age!

A blend of 72% rye, 13% malted rye, and 15% malted barley (the malt is the same juice that became their inaugural Interstate American Single Malt). The straight rye is grown by Dale Anderson in Cambridge, MN who has a longstanding relationship with the distillery, and the malt comes from Briess malts in Chilton, WI.

The Rye and Malt were put in Minnesota Oak barrels from Black Swan Cooperage in 2018 and blended in early 2020. When the restaurant it was intended for couldn’t take it, the blended whiskey was returned to the barrel at bottle proof and went back into the Tattersall rickhouse. Because this whiskey was blended at bottle proof before being re-barreled and finished, the oak has an incredible influence on the flavor.

When the barrel was rediscovered in 2021, the Tattersall team decided to experiment with finishing in a Ruby Port barrel, which is how this whiskey spent the last 2 years of its life.  

The over 5 years of aging, and the port finishing perfectly balance the spice of the rye. It’s smoother than any bourbon we have offered, with virtually no burn across the palate.  This is a classic sipper at a price that makes it a must-have for cocktails. It will take your house Old Fashioned to the next level. 

The nose explodes with cherry, and the fruit lingers on the palate along with toffee. This is a perfect after dinner treat, and would be an amazing pairing with a maduro cigar, if you're into that.