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Hidden Gems in Napa Valley (with Both Reds and Whites!) - All Stores

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Event Date Thursday, July 13, 6 - 7:30 pm

Event Type Wine Seminar Tasting

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We are always asked: “So I am going to Napa Valley, and what are some hidden gem wineries that I could go see? Something maybe off the beaten path, or undervalued, and making good wine but nobody’ ever heard of?” And by and large, this elicits laughter from the staff because Napa Valley is one of the most-toured wine regions in the entire world, if not THE most toured wine region in the world.  

However, when we at Waterford did some digging, we learned that the Valley plays host to over 260 different family-owned wineries. Sure, most of them are “known” to somebody, yet many of them are producing dynamic wine , sometimes at very under-rated prices. It could be argued that because of the Valley’s great fame, and its most famous wineries therein, these gems are hidden, overshadowed by the fame and glory of others.  

So of course, we must explore. And by explore, we mean taste. Focusing on the Valley’s prime product – Cabernet, we’ve put together an exciting list of wines and wineries that you may not have heard of, but we believe are true Napa Valley gems. So come join us in uncovering these hidden beauties!  

Wines to be tasted: 


2019 Silenus Oakville Estate Cabernet $90

2015 Barlow Vineyards Barrouge Cabernet $55

2019 Ancien Carneros Chardonnay $49.99

2016 Cornerstone Cellars "Benchlands" Cabernet $75

2016 Cain "Concept" $130

2018 Ehlers Cabernet $89.99

2021 Honig Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $34.99

2018 Stringer Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet $114.99

2019 Snowden "The Ranch" Cabernet $79.99



These wines are representative of the list from previous years.