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Tyros Napa Cabernet

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Country/State California

Region Napa Valley



Type Cabernet

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With Napa Cabernet grapes now averaging $7,500 a ton, I don’t know how Silenus Winery did it. But they did it! – They produced a classic, all-Napa Valley (and all from the Valley’s famous AVAs), with a judicious amount of beautiful French oak on it – all of that for under $27. Even if it cost twice as much, it would still win best in show and be a sensational value.

Let me share an old handy piece of accounting in the Valley that winemakers use: whatever the price per ton of grapes you’re paying, take that and divide it by 100, and that is the selling price per bottle that you need to achieve to make any profit. Thus, if you’re thinking that Napa Cabernet is expensive these days, you’re right. The Valley now sits at $7,500 a ton for Cabernet, which means that Napa’s average bottle now hovers right around $75 a bottle.

So what the heck happened here with Tyros? Well, the secret is in the land. Tyros’s vineyard was actually planted in 1968 by the rocket scientist Bruce Newland. Bruce vacationed up in the Valley and eventually bought himself a farm and planted Cabernet. He actually never made his own wine and instead sold off all the fruit to Mondavi, Inglenook and Silver Oak, among others. He left a long legacy but unfortunately no heirs, so in 2008 this gem of an estate was purchased and this winery, Silenus, was born.

Now, just to do a little bit of a deep dive into the name, in Greek mythology, Silenus was a notorious consumer of wine. He was also the companion and tutor of the Greek wine God – Dionysus. Thus Dionysus was Silenus’s apprentice, or Tyros. Hence the name of this wine. Together, they traveled the world planting grape vines and drinking wine (among many other things). And at last, to the wine:

Tyros may mean apprentice, but there is nothing elementary about this delicious Napa Cabernet. It’s ripe, powerfully fruited, opulent on the midpalate, and resounding with the nuanced, expressive flavors of new French oak. Upon opening, delicious aromas of crème de cassis, ripe black plum, and black cherry liqueur roll out, backed with secondary floral notes of candied violet, licorice, cacao nibs, clove, vanilla bean, and dried tobacco leaf. These flavors all come together in a full-bodied palate that is impressively complex, nuanced and structured. It is youthful now, so I would recommend letting it breathe for 30 minutes in a decanter. But watch out! Its heady aromas are so enticing, you may not be able to wait that long!

I was happy to buy this wine at its original release price and thought it a tremendous value. But at this sale price, its an absolute steal! Don’t miss our limited allocation