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Villa di Corlo Lambrusco "Corleto" Grasparossa di Castelvetro

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Country/State Italy

Region Emilia-Romagna



Type Lambrusco

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Actually, that subject line is a total lie. We aren’t kicking it ’70s style, when Lambrusco was a syrupy sweet, fizzy international sensesation. We’re going in for a major upgrade, because it’s time for all Waterfordians to catch the new buzz – the current revolution in high-quality Lambrusco.

And you’re gonna love it. Why?

Because Corlo’s Lambrusco is happy-go-lucky, cheery dark cherry red, frothing bubbly goodness that delivers a nice, tart and tangy fruit sensation that makes it perfect with all kinds of food. It is DRY.

Lambrusco comes from Emilia Romagna, home to such wonderful foodstuffs as Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto and balsamic vinegar. And guess what? For the ultimate fun-day snack – get all three and a bottle of this Lambrusco, and you’ve got yourself a stylish Italian merenda. Or get totally saucy and make yourself some ribs caramelized with a tomato-garlic balsamic reduction, and serve Lambrusco.

A beautiful blackberry compote note comes up from the glass, brought forth by this Lambrusco’s delightfully soft mousse – the kiss of bubbles that simply dances across your palate. (The Italians call this style frizzante.) On the palate, notes of plum and dark red fruits, with a mixture of spices – star anise, a touch of black pepper and a hint of baking spices. I can’t say it enough, this wine is DRY, and even has a bit of a tannic tug. This all makes its perfect for a fresh and fruity cocktail, or a great partner at the picnic table. Try it simply with large cuts of cheese to share. Or go crazy and get thick slice of mortadella, grill it (seriously), then top with radicchio and aged balsamic, and serve this elixir alongside.

Lambrusco has changed, and it’s time for you to come back and try a bottle. It won’t be your last!