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Event Date Thursday, June 6, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Event Type Wine Seminar Tasting

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The Oxford Companion to Wine notes, “Argentina, the most important wine producing country in South America, [is also] one of the most dynamic wine producers in the world.” And we here at Waterford agree with them!

Over the last 20 years, Argentina has become synonymous with Malbec and to some wine cognoscenti, maybe Malbec has had its day in the sun. But to us, that view dramatically underestimates the grape variety and the entire country as a whole. Malbec now comes in a myriad of styles – some as dramatic (and made by) Bordeaux First Growth chateaux and others now pursuing “natural” winemaking with native yeasts, long ferments in concrete, and extended skin contact. In other words, Argentinian Malbec is as dynamic as it ever was.

But Argentina and Malbec are not one and the same – this is decidedly not a one-grape country.

Nicolas Catena, when he came back from Napa in the late 1960s, set about making world-class Cabernet, the kind that was being produced in California at the time—and we think he’s succeeded. Paul Hobbs was recruited down to Argentina to make its first world-award-winning Chardonnay, and many celebrated winemakers from the northern hemisphere have since followed in his path. Torrontes, Cabernet Franc, and even world-class Pinot Noir now call Argentina home.

And there’s a new generation of winemakers on the block, trying out all kinds of different grapes and winemaking techniques. A new generation of impressive, unique wines is the result. Indeed, Argentina is a country on the move, and it's time to consider (or reconsider) its delicious wine production.

Wines to be tasted:

Pielhueso 2022 Naranjo (Orange wine) $22.99
El Porvenir 2022 Absoluto Torrontes $14.99
Cara Sur 2022 Pergolas Tinto (Rose) $24.99

Ver Sacrum 2021 Garnacha $20.99
Escala Humana 2021 Bequignol $22.99
El Bayeh 2021 Pumamarco Tinto (Criolla) $28.99

Ernesto Catena 2021 Animal Cabernet Sauvignon $25.99
SuperUco 2019 Calcareo Granito Malbec $34.99
SuperUco 2019 Calcareo Altamira Cabernet Franc $34.99

All prices listed shown are regular retail. Significant discounts offered on all wines at the tasting.

Due to the their highly allocated nature, some wines may change without notice.