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Wine Tasting | Germany - Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Delafield

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Event Date Thursday, October 5, 6 - 7:30 pm

Event Type Wine Tasting Seminar

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Totally dry and dynamically changed - the revolution that is German wine today.


Most Americans associate German wine with sweet wine. And as a corollary, many Americans also associate German wine as low quality - the iconic Blue Nun label representing both. 

Both of these preconceptions no longer apply to Germany today. I’ll say it again - most German wine is no longer sweet, and in fact, a good portion of German wine is no longer white! What has happened is a revolution in the laws, quality and taste that is modern German winemaking. 

Most of Germany’s white wines are now dry. And not only that, but these dry whites have started using a vineyard hierarchy in the style of Burgundy - regional wines, village wines, Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines. Germany has been making wine for almost 4,000 years, and this “new” system harkens back to vineyard sites that are often as old. 

Second, Germany now has a strong culture for producing high-quality red wines. Red wines have always been made in Germany, but now, with climate change, Germany’s red wines rival anything being produced in Alsace or Burgundy. 

Germany’s “new” wines will absolutely astound you. So please, come join us in exploring the revolution that is German wine today - it will open your mind as well as fascinate  your palate.


Wines to be tasted:

2021 Ress Family White Rabbit Landwein $17.99
2021 Schwedhelm Riesling Zellertal $24.99
2021 Weingut Balthazar Ress Rudesheim Riesling $29.99
2021 Korrell Riesling Trocken $29.99
2020 Von Othengraven Riesling Trocken "Max" $29.99
2019 Grohl Spatburgunder $28.99
2019 Heitlinger Pinot Noir $31.99
2017 Heitlinger Pinot Meunier Reserve $36.99
2017 Burg Ravensburg BF Sulzfeld $31.99