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Wineful Mindful: How to Truly Taste and Enjoy Wine - Milwaukee Only

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Event Date Saturday, April 20, 3 - 4:30 pm

Event Type Wine Tasting Seminar

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How in the world do mindfulness and wine go together? In a word … Fabulously! Serious wine tasters know that in tasting, all five senses are engaged. Mindfulness means simply bringing a focused curiosity to what our senses are telling us. It’s a fun way to learn and to build confidence in our understanding of wine. 

This tasting will be led by mindfulness teacher and award-winning author Alan Anderson. Alan will draw on decades of mindful teaching experience, plus a decade-plus of learning about and appreciating wine at Waterford Wine & Spirits. He will guide participants on a sensory journey to explore more deeply what’s going on in the glass!

Class size limited to 12 participants. Please avoid wearing fragrance.