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These Wines Speak German: Wines from Germany and Austria — and Parts of Switzerland, France and Italy


TIME: 6:00 PM TO 7:30 PM

ADDRESS: 2120 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-289-9463 or email Credit card required at time of registration.


If you’re from Wisconsin, chances are your forebears spoke the German language, ate German food and drank German wine.


Over 40% of Wisconsinites are of German descent  — and an even higher percentage of us hail from either Germany or one of the culturally Germanic lands of Europe — places which include Austria, northern Switzerland, northeastern France and northeastern Italy.


Wines from these places occupy a vast swath of Old World territory and yield a vast variety of vitis vinifera grapes and styles of wines. All of these wines have a distinctly German character and personality. As native Wisconsinites, we’d say they’ve all got gemütlichkeit.


You may know Riesling from the German regions of the Mosel, Nahe, Rheingau and Pfalz — but have you explored Riesling and Gewürztraminer from the French region of Alsace? You may know Grüner Veltliner from the Austrian regions of Wachau, Kamptal and Kremstal — but do you know Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and Saint Laurent from Austria’s Burgenland? Or Gemischter Satz from its wine region of Vienna? And have you tasted Kerner, Müller-Thurgau and Gelber Muskateller from the Alto Adige in Italy? Or Chasselas and Sylvaner from Switzerland?


We’d like to introduce you to all of these friendly and generous German-speaking wines. As soon as you meet them, we know you’ll recognize them — and love them! — like favorite relatives. You’ll say they’ve all got gemütlichkeit.


Wines TBA

Orange You Ready for Orange Wine?


TIME: 6:00 PM TO 7:30 PM

ADDRESS: 2120 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-289-9463 or email Credit card required at time of registration.


We get into ruts, don’t we?


White wines with seafood, salads and chicken. Red wines with red meat and mushrooms. Rosé with summer, backyards and canapés.


Orange wines lift us out of our ruts. They break all of the rules. They shock our senses back to life.


Orange wines go with pickled foods as well as garlicky dishes, with sweet as easily as savory. They please with what’s rich, or spicy, or fruity, with tannin-loving proteins or acid-loving vegetables. They even go with dairy.


And the way they taste will blow your mind.


The world of fine wine has rediscovered the magic of Orange wine — a magic which began 6000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountain region of present-day Georgia.


Orange wine is a type of white wine made by fermenting the juice of wine grapes with the grapes’ skins and seeds in large vessels — which are usually cement or ceramic — for four days to over a year. (In Georgia, Orange wines are fermented underground in large vessels called Qvevri.) What emerges from these vessels are wines in various shades of orange — from wines with a light kiss of amber, to wines with translucent ruby hues.


If you’ve discovered Orange wines, then come along to taste the best examples of them from around the world. If you haven’t discovered Orange wines, then come along to have your mind blown.


Wines to be tasted:

2009 Anselmi Capitel Croce $34.99

2017 Pepestrino $14.99

2016 Lageder Pinot Grigio Porer

2017 Occhipinti SP68 $26.99

2016 Benvenuti Malvazija Anno Domini $28.99

2016 Foradori Pinot Grigio Fuoropist $48.99

2011 Bea Arboreus $52.99

2016 Batic Angel $59.99

2015 Hajszan Neumann Gemischtersatz Natural $39.99

& a bonus for those who arrive ahead of time!


Rose Festival – Rosé Tout l’Année!

TIME: 12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM

ADDRESS: 2120 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-289-9463 or email Credit card required at time of registration.


“Rosé is probably the most unpretentious and democratic of all wines.”

— Chef Jacques Pépin

The cri de coeur of every Waterford spring and summer patio party used to be “Rose All Day!” But now, whether on Brady Street or in Delafield — as well as from the Cote d’Azur up to Normandy — the cri de coeur of any kind of party at any time of year is “Rosé Tout l’Année!” As the French saying reminds us, Rosé deserves to be served on any occasion, with food or without, whenever we want it. And while more Americans are drinking more Rosé, in France sales of Rosé now eclipse those of white wine.

The Waterford Wine Company Rosé Festival is here for you to taste as many kinds of Rosé made in as many different styles from as many wine regions of the world as you possibly can. We want you, your friends, your lovers and everybody you know to experience how delicious, how elegant, how sexy and how straight up badass Rosé is — whether you’re in the midsummer sun on Bradford Beach or looking through your windows at midwinter drifts of snow — whether you want a light kiss of pink or a long, beguiling draft of deep blood orange.

And we haven’t even told you the best part about Rosé. The best Rosé wines — the kind we want you to drink the most of, and the kind our Rosé Festival makes a specialty of — are easily affordable on any budget. These quality Rosés receive their color from the maceration of grape skins with their grape juice. The juice of all grapes is clear, but maceration with their skins — for an hour or two or for two or three days — lends Rosés their gorgeous colors.

Come along to our Rosé Festival and see why Chef Pépin calls Rosé “unpretentious and democratic.” And see why we say good Rosé is nothing but badass. Vive la démocratie! Et vive le vin rosé tout l’année!


A Modern Classic: Highlights of the 2017 Red Burgundy Vintage A Special Burgundy Tasting with Ben Christiansen


TIME: 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM

ADDRESS: 2120 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-289-9463 or email Credit card required at time of registration.


In my 20 years of visiting Burgundy and tasting wines of the newly released vintage, the reds of 2017 are among the best I’ve ever had. The 2017 red Burgundies are very good, often excellent and, from time to time, bloody awesome. These wines are so delicious that I’d like to share them with you at a special Waterford Wine & Spirits 2017 Burgundy tasting.


What makes the 2017 red Burgundy vintage so special? Because more than any vintage I can remember, the 2017s remind me of what all of those multitudinous Burgundy climats should taste like. (The Burgundy climats are the region’s precisely demarcated plots of vineyard land, which are distinguished from each other by specific geological and climatic conditions.) As nearly every Burgundy winemaker I know told me, 2017 is a vintage that distinguishes one vineyard or one terroir from another with satisfying clarity. All of them have something to say. They all have something special to offer.


Collectively, the vintage shows an intensity of fruit, elevated aromatics and a dazzling freshness. And it’s gaining density and power by the day. This is a radiant and vivacious vintage, with complexity and depth. It’s a modern classic.


Because of the striking character and quality of the 2017 red Burgundies, this isn’t just the tasting of a new vintage. It’s the vintage tasting of a lifetime.


You’d be crazy to miss it.


We’ll be tasting these 2017 Burgundies:


Rene LeClerc Gevrey-Chambertin Clos Prieur

Domaine Leymarie Gevrey-Chambertin La Justice

Domaine Gallois Gevrey-Chambertin

Domaine Bart Fixin Premier Cru Hervelets

Domaine Joliet Fixin Premier Cru Clos de la Perriere

Domaine Leymarie Morey-St-Denis Clos Solon

Domaine Vincent Legou Ladoix

Domaine Rapet Père et Fils Aloxe-Corton

Domaine Rapet Père et Fils Corton Grand Cru

Domaine Albert Morot Savigny-les-Beaune la Bataillère aux Vergelesses

Domaine Albert Morot Beaune Premier Cru Les Bressandes

Domaine Berthelemot Beaune Premier Cru Clos des Mouches Rouge

Domaine Anne Parent Beaune Premier Cru Les Epenottes

Lafouge 1er Cru Les Duresses

Langoureau Meursault 1er Cru Blagny La Piece sous le Bois

Paul Pernot Puligny Montrachet

Pernot Puligny Montrachet 1er Pucells

Langoureau Saint-Aubin 1er Cru en Remilly



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