“Count Yourselves Lucky” A Focus on K Vintners, Washington’s Highest-Rated Winery

When: Friday, September 14
Time: 4:30 pm TO 7:00 pm
Where: Delafield

ADDRESS: Waterford Wine & Spirits, 631 Genesee St.

COST: Free!


“Count yourselves lucky” says Robert Parker in his eponymous wine magazine.


Because “These latest releases from Charles Smith [a.k.a. K Vintners] check in at the top of the pyramid and are flat-out incredible wines that I wish every reader could taste.”

And can you taste them? Of course – if you come to Waterford Wine &Spirits!

On Friday, September 14, we will do a focused open-house tasting with several selections from K Vintners. The portfolio ranges from top to bottom and all across Washington State, so rest assured, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, no matter what the cost of the wine, these are packed and stacked, both in flavor and in QPR – we’re talking up to 99 points here and sometimes that rating is across the board.

Join us on the 14th, in the only way Charles Smith would want it: as a rockin’ good time.

Wines to be tasted, limit of two tastes per customer:

2014 K Vintners “The Beautiful” Syrah / Viognier $64.99 – 97 points

2015 K Vintners “Motor City Kitty” Syrah $39.99 – 94 points

2014 K Vintners “The Boy” Grenache $49.99 – 96 points

2013 K Vintners Stoneridge Cabernet $44.99 – 93 points

2016 Wines of Substance Sauvignon Blanc $21.99 – 93+ points

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