Red Blends and the Mystery of Zinfandel – Milwaukee

When: Thursday, January 17
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Milwaukee

ADDRESS: Bacchus Restaurant, 925 Wells St.

COST: $30 per person per tasting

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-765-1166 or email Credit card required at time of registration. On the night of the tasting, please check in at the restaurant front desk to confirm your attendance.


The Zinfandel grape is planted in more than 10% of all California vineyards. It makes big, ripe wines with jammy, fruity characteristics. While Zinfandel has been provided enjoyment to its drinkers, it proved mysterious to grapevine geneticists for the better part of 50 years.

At first geneticists thought Zinfandel and the Primitivo grape of Puglia in Southern Italy were identical—but then they discovered the grapes were just genetic siblings. As the decades passed, geneticists matched Zinfandel with a Croatian grape called Crljenak Kaštelanski. On the way to becoming California Zinfandel, the Crljenak grape was crossed with many others—including the Croatian varieties Tribidrag, Dobričić, Plavac Mali; the Austria varieties Zierfandler (or Spätrot), which was comprised of a cross between Roter Veltliner and Traminer); and the Puglian specialty Primitivo.

Wines made from many of these grapes won’t be found on the shelves of Waterford Wine & Spirits—or any wine shop anywhere. But a crazy variety of red blend Zinfandels, and Primitivos, and Croatian wines are! All with jammy, spicy palates and ruby red robes of mystery. If you love Zinfandel as much as we do—and we know you do!—our Mystery of Zinfandel tasting will give you an even greater appreciation for this bewitching grape.

Wines TBA!

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