Altare Barolo Tasting

When: Tuesday, March 6
Time: 5:00 pm TO 7:00 pm
Where: Delafield

Location: Waterford Wine & Spirits, 631 Genesee St., Delafield

Cost: Free, no reservation required, just stop on in!


Just two things to know:

  1. Altare is amazing—and incredibly famous—Barolo.
  2. Silvia Altare, the winemaker herself, is coming to present the wines, to you, for free.

Why wouldn’t you come?  Of course you will, so here are the details:

History: when you read about modern Barolo, you will always encounter the name Altare.  There simply isn’t the Barolo of today without the Altare family.  That starts with Silvia’s father, Elio, who was eventually disinherited from the family estate because of his Barolo wine-making practices.

Elio’s belief?  That Barolos should favor elegance, finesse, balance, broadness on the palate and a richness and depth of flavor.  These ideals completely changed the common practices of vineyard management and vinification throughout Barolo.  Elio was the first, and his impact in Barolo can be felt to this day.

His daughter, Silvia – a firecracker of a winemaker in her own right – began working at the winery in 2003 and now covers all aspects of the vineyards and winemaking.  She resolutely continues the family vision of Barolo as the absolute height of Italian wine, if not wine world-wide.  While being famous, she is wonderfully down to earth, ironic, and playful with her incredible wines.

In some markets, this tasting – a personally led tour through Altare Barolo by the woman who crafts them herself – might cost you $100 to $200 a head.  But not here, and not with Waterford.  These wines are as extraordinary as the woman who makes them!  The tasting is free to all who can make it.  So please join us in welcoming Silvia Altare to Wisconsin.


Wines to be tasted:

2015 Dolcetto $19.99

2013 La Villa $79.99

2013 Larigi $79.99

2013 Barolo La Morra $79.99

2013 Barolo Arborina $99.99


We will offer substantial discounts on all of the wines during the tasting.  Stop on in!

*Wisconsin state law allows the sampling of two wines per patron.

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