Complementary Cabernets? Napa and Bordeaux, Compared

When: Thursday, August 16
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Delafield

ADDRESS: I.d. Restaurant at the Delafield Hotel, 415 Genesee St.

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 262-404-6308 or email  Credit card number and number of people attending required at the time of registration.  On the night of the tasting, please check in at the restaurant front desk to confirm your attendance.



Bordeaux and Napa Valley: The world’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon wine growing regions.  Located in different countries, with disparate cultures and distinctive terroirs.  But are their wines so different from one another?

Are the Bordelaise cultivating their Cabernet grapes for more ripeness, making their wines more concentrated, and aging more of them in new oak? Are the Californians seeking more balance, elegance, and acidity from theirs? Is Bordeaux becoming more like Napa? Is Napa becoming more like Bordeaux?

This tasting explores the idea — an idea the two regions’ vintners wouldn’t publicly entertain — that Napa and Bordeaux are now more alike than ever.   By comparing pairs of wines from the two regions, we’ll taste what’s old world and what’s new, what’s traditional and what’s modern, and whether or not the regions are more alike than you might’ve thought.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore wines from Bordeaux and Napa, or whether you’ve collected them for years, this tasting will be a revelation.


Wines to be tasted:

2014 Snowden Napa Valley (Pritchard Hill) The Ranch $55.99

2013 Arietta H Block Hudson Vineyards $159.99

2014 Palmer Alter Ego Margaux $109.99

2013 Franciscan Estate Merlot Reserve $44.99

2014 Chateau La Croix Saint-Georges Pomerol $49.99

2015 Comte de Malartic Lagraviere $49.99

2014 Acumen Napa Valley $49.99

2015 Pauillac de Lynch-Bages $49.99

& a bonus wine for those who come early!

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