Ehlers Cabernet Tasting

When: Tuesday, February 27
Time: 5:00 pm TO 7:00 pm
Where: Delafield

Location: Waterford Wine & Spirits, 631 Genesee St., Delafield

Cost: Free, No Reservation Required – Just stop on in!


Napa Valley is haunted – haunted by Ghost Wineries.

While we may think of Napa as very modern, sprouting Cabernets out of the dot=com boom; or maybe we date ourselves by going all the way back to the Judgment of Paris in 1972; but Napa – and its history of making some of the world’s best Cabernets – is much, much older.  So old, that there are now Ghosts up in these hills.

I jest – somewhat.  Through Napa’s long history, farmers and growers would come to this land of plenty and plant Cabernet.  The trend started in the 1800s, and accelerated through booms and busts until the great end – Prohibition.  Most wineries died during this great blight, creating vineyards upon vineyards of Cabernet that went untended.  These wineries and vineyards are the Ghosts in the Valley.

But some have been reborn, and dramatically so.  Ehlers is one such winery.  Founded in 1886, it found its angel investors in a husband in wife, in love with each other, with the Valley, and with Cabernet.  No expense has been spared, and this organic and biodynamic winery is producing some legendary Cabernet.  Those first pioneers in the valley knew where they were planting, and their great vision shows in these stellar wines.

Join us on Tuesday, February 27th, for a free in store tasting of the wines of Ehlers Estate from 4:30 to 7 pm at our Delafield location.


Wines to be tasted:

2014 Ehlers Estate Cabernet $54.99

2014 Ehlers “1886” Estate Cabernet $109.99

2017 Ehlers Sauvignon Blanc $29.99

2014 Ehlers Estate Merlot $54.99

& more!*

We will offer substantial discounts on all of the wines during the tasting.  Stop on in!

*Wisconsin state law allows the sampling of two wines per patron.

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