Meet the Winemakers! Bhilar Rioja Flights at Birch

When: Wednesday, July 21
Time: 5:00 pm TO 10:00 pm
Where: Milwaukee

Meet the Winemakers! Bhilar Rioja Flights at Birch

Wednesday, July 21, 5 to 10 pm

Exclusively at our restaurant partner, Birch, at 459 E. Pleasant Street


Organic, High-Elevation Rioja Pioneers – Get To Know Bhilar.

True story – A young man from the small village of Elvillar in Rioja, Spain, walks into a bar in Barcelona. There, he sees a woman with not just one glass of red wine in front of her, but two. Immediately he feels compelled to meet this woman.

A young woman from America walks into a bar in Barcelona. She’s thirsty, and one glass of wine isn’t going to get the job done. So why not speed up the process by doubling down on the first call? And that way, you can taste back and forth and really experience the two wines.  That is how David Sampedro met Melanie Hickman – and the rest is history. Better still, the rest is a love affair with each other and with making Rioja wine.

And now that wine and love affair comes to Milwaukee. Please join us in welcoming David and Melanie to our restaurant partner Birch for an exclusive tasting in two different flights of their pioneering hand-crafted Rioja wines.

On Wednesday, July 21 from 5 to 10 pm, David and Melanie will be offering two different flights of wine, three glasses of 2.5 oz pours of wine  each flight. The first flight is their Village level Rioja wines for $15. The second flight is their estate and single-vineyard wines. Taste one flight or taste them all—this is an incredible opportunity to learn about Rioja, Tempranillo and all things Spanish wine from the very people who make it.

These are stunningly delicious wines that, of course, pair amazingly with the cuisine at Birch. So come, taste a flight at the bar, stay for dinner, or just join us for dinner and a flight (reservations available here) at any time you choose on July 21! David and Melanie will happily escort / taste you through it all.


Flight one, $15 for 3 – 2.5 oz pours

Lagrimas de Bhilar Graciano 2019

Bhilar Rioja Tinto 2019

Phinca Hapa Tinto 2016

Flight two, $30 for 3 – 2.5 oz. pours

Phincas 2017

Phinca Abejera 2017

Phinca Lali 2016

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