Single Cask Scotch, The Ultimate In Rare

When: Thursday, February 8
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Milwaukee

Location: Supper Restaurant at the Shorecrest Hotel, please call 414-509-6074 or email to register

Cost: $30 per person (both days, reservation required, credit card number required to secure your reservation.  Your card will be charged the Monday prior to the tasting date.)


For almost three generations we have grown up during a Single Malt Scotch boom. Certainly a wonderful time to be alive and imbibing. And under this boom we have come to associate Single Malts as just that – a Scotch made, matured, vatted and produced by the name that is on the label. In other words, an industry that is vertically integrated, delivering to us the flavors we expect from the name of the product that is on the label.

At this tasting we take a step back in time, both literally and figuratively, to a time in Single Malt history where Scotch was not made this way. Scotch history thoroughly revolves around the creation of blends, and throughout most of its history, Single Malts were blended. These blends came from a vertically fragmented industry. A distillery made the spirit, but then someone else matured it, a third person vatted it, and a forth took it to market.

This fragmented market gave rise to Independent Bottlers. These keepers of Quaich would buy immature spirit, mature, and bottle it as single malts. These were not vast vattings across oceans of spirit. Most often they were single casks, or small-production runs, matured exclusively by the Independent Bottler. That tradition continues to this day and gives rise to the ultimate in rare: Single Cask Scotch.

Guided by Keeper of the Quaich Monique Huston, this tasting plumbs the depths of two Independent Bottlers, across the reaches of Scotland and its distilleries into three decades past. These Scotches have never been seen before, because they’ve never been bottled before. For the Scotch enthusiast – or even some tasting Scotch for the first time – this is a tasting not to miss.

Scotches to be tasted:

1996 Clynelish 20 Year Cask Strength Signatory Bottled $189.99
1988 Glenturret 29 Year Cask Strength Signatory Bottled $249.99
1997 Linkwood 20 Year Cask Strength Signatory Bottled $119.99
Kaiyo Japanese Malt Mizunara Aged Cask Strength $99.99 (yes Japanese, why not?)
Caledonia 29 Year That Boutiquey Whiskey Company Bottled $89.99
Cambus 24 Year TBWC Bottled $69.99
Islay 6 Year TBWC Bottled $84.99
Glenburgie 18 Year Cask Strength TBWC Bottled $119.99

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