Structure and Grace: Riesling, A Profound White Wine for Everyone

When: Thursday, April 5
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Delafield

Location: I.d. Restaurant at the Delafield Hotel, please call 262-646-1620 or email to register.

Cost: $30 per person (credit card number required at time of registration. The night of the tasting please check in at the restaurant front desk to confirm your attendance.)


We know what you’re thinking:, “Isn’t all Riesling really sweet, and a Granny wine?” Although you wouldn’t be entirely incorrect, we’d like to take an opportunity to change your perception. If one were to preform a national poll American swith Sommeliers and ask them what is the most misunderstood grape variety— is, and their favorite for pairing with food— pairings, the answer would almost unanimouslymost certainly be Riesling!

This tasting explores Riesling wears many hats in all its varied splendor, from the piercingly dry that hones in on the palate with laser- like precision, to the unctuously sweet that borders on an outlandishly hedonistic adventure, and everything in between. Please join us on our journey as we venture to different corners of the globe to uncover and examine every style Riesling has to offer. If you think we won’t be able to we can’t find a style suitable to Riesling that suits your tastes, then we gladly say, “Challenge accepted!”


Flight 1, Dry
2016 Trefethen Napa $19.99
2010 Leeuwin Art Series, Margaret River Australia $25.99
2014 Robert Weil Kiedrich Grafenberg G.G, Rheingau $79.99
Flight 2, Dry, with richer style

2016 G.D Vajra Riesling, Piedmont $33.99
2015 Weingut Knoll Loibenberg Smaragd, Austria $56.99
2013 Albert Boxler Grand Cru Sommerberg, Alsace $82.99

Flight 3 Off-dry and Mosel Pradikat
2015 Franzen Bremmer Calmont Kabinett, Mosel $18.99
2015 Dr. Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese, Mosel $29.99
2015 J.J Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, Mosel $65.99

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