Summer Wine Festival in Delafield

When: Saturday, August 10
Time: 12:00 pm TO 4:00 pm
Where: Delafield

ADDRESS: 631 Genesee St., Delafield

COST: $30 per person at the door, $25 advanced RSVP

REGISTRATION: Please call 262-337-9774 or email Credit card required at time of registration.


Summer isn’t just a season of the year for us. It’s a chance for us to change the customary order of every other season. It’s an opportunity to celebrate. It’s a reason to have a party.


We go to summer festivals and picnics, summer fireworks and barbecues. We eat foods we don’t eat in any other season. We bicycle more, boat more and camp more. We socialize more. We worry less.


So why do so many of us drink the same wines we drink every other season of the year? We’d like to invite you to change that. We’d like to invite you celebrate the season with us at our Summer of Love and Wine Party.


Discover new styles of delicious summer white wines. Explore styles of summer red wines that taste perfect with a chill and pair perfectly with any summer fare. Taste just how many luscious styles of rosé and sparkling wines there are — and just how versatile they can be.


While you’re at our Summer Party, why not try a sip of wine from a box? (They’re better than you think they are, and they’re ideal for camping and boat trips.) And why not have a taste of wine from a can? (They’re ideal for concerts and picnics.) And we’d love you to drink a glass of wine from one of our magnums. (What more festive way is there to throw a barbecue?)


Our Summer of Love and Wine Party invites you to have a fling with all of these styles of wine and all of these ways of drinking wine.


Chances are you’ll fall in love. After all, it is summer.


Wines TBA.

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