The Loire Valley: Pure Refreshment in Both Red and White Wines – Milwaukee

When: Thursday, April 11
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Milwaukee

Cost: $30 per person (each date, credit card number required at time of registration. The night of the tasting please check in at the restaurant front desk to confirm your attendance.)

To register:

For Milwaukee – tasting hosted Bacchus Restaurant, Milwaukee, please call 414-765-1166 or email to register.


From West to East, the Loire River Valley is an embarrassment of riches.  On the far west, it starts with the amazing wines of Muscadet – incredibly refreshing and shockingly long-lived (and crazy cheap for the quality of wines).  On the far east end, it finishes with the incredibly powerful Sauvignon Blancs of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume.  But that is to say nothing of hundreds of great wines in between – including some utterly refreshing red wines made from Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Pinot d’Anuis.

But the Loire gets even better – almost all of its wines remain relatively unknown.  For those of us game for a little exploratory drinking, top wines can be had on the cheap!  Come join us at this tasting to explore the wonderful wine world of the Loire Valley.

Wines to be tasted:

2016 Pepier Muscadet $14.99

2016 Raimbault Sancerre $26.99

2015 Montcy Cour Cheverny $23.99

2015 d’Epire Savennieres $19.99

2013 Baumard Savennieres clos du Papillon $32.99

2014 Laureau Savennieres Genets $42.99

2016 Montcy Cheverny Rouge $17.99

2013 Neveu Sancerre Rouge $22.99

2015 Baudry Chinon Grezeaux $27.99

& a bonus for those who arrive early!

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