Donne di Vino de Grazia – The Waterford Festival of Barolo, Brunello and More

When: Saturday, May 4
Time: 12:00 pm TO 4:00 pm
Where: Milwaukee

ADDRESS: Bacchus Restaurant, 925 Wells St.

COST: $30 per person per tasting

REGISTRATION: Please call 414-765-1166 or email Credit card required at time of registration. On the night of the tasting, please check in at the restaurant front desk to confirm your attendance.


Join us for Donne di Vino Della de Grazia – Waterford’s celebration of Barolo, Brunello and so many more wines across all of Italy. That’s right, this year our Barolo Festival is expanding to include the entire Boot, and so much more.

But we have something extra special this year. Seven extraordinary women Italian wine makers will be presenting their wines at the Festival. That is correct – the person standing across the table is also the person who made the wine. Is there any better way to learn about Italian wine? I think not.

And of course, we will be tasting a lot of wine. If you are just starting down the path of exploring Italian wine or you already have a cellar full of Brunello from 1947, this tasting is an extravagant tour through some of Italy’s most majestic wines.  In other words, it is not one to miss.


Women to present:

Clelia Romano, Owner, Colli di Lapio, Campagna

Caterina Dei, Owner, Cantine Dei, Tuscany

Gabriella Ferrara, Owner, Benito Ferrara, Campagna

Laura Brunelli, Owner, Gianni Brunelli, Tuscany

Jenny Battaglio, Co-Owner, M. Marengo, Piemonte

Martina Minuto, Winemaker, Moccagatta, Piemonte

Lavinia Malabaila, Winemaker, Malabaila, Piemonte

The WOWs – Women of Waterford


Wines to be tasted:

COLLI DI LAPIO Fiano di Avellino 2018

COLLI DI LAPIO Greco di Tufo Alexandros 2018

COLLI DI LAPIO Irpinia Aglianico 2016

COLLI DI LAPIO Taurasi 2014

DEI Nobile di Montepulciano 2016

DEI Nobile di Mont. Madonna della Querce 2015 ?

DEI Nobile di Montepulciano Ris. Bossona 2013

DEI Rosso di Montepulciano 2018

DEI Bianco di Martiena 2018

FERRARA Greco di Tufo Terre d’Uva 2018

FERRARA Greco di Tufo V. Cicogna 2018

FERRARA Fiano di Avellino Sequenzha 2018

FERRARA Irpinia Aglianico V. 4 Confini 2016

FERRARA Taurasi V. 4 Confini 2015

BRUNELLI Brunello di Montalcino 2014

BRUNELLI Rosso di Montalcino 2017

BRUNELLI Brunello di Montalcino Ris. 2013

BRUNELLI Amor Costante IGT 2013

MALABAILA Roero Arneis Pradvaj 2018

MALABAILA Roero Arneis Le Tre 2018

MALABAILA Langhe Favorita 2018

MALABAILA Langhe Rosato 2018

MALABAILA Spumante Brut Pad Dosè

MALABAILA Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante Rosè

MALABAILA Roero Bric Volta 2016

MALABAILA Roero Ris. Castelletto 2014

MALABAILA Vino Rosso Cardunaj 2017

MARENGO Barolo 2015

MARENGO Barolo Brunate 2015

MARENGO Barolo Bricco Viole 2015

MARENGO Barolo Brunate Ris. 2013

MARENGO Barbera d’Alba Pugname 2017

MARENGO Nebbiolo Valmaggiore 2017

MARENGO Dolcetto d’Alba 2018

MOCCAGATTA Barbaresco 2016

MOCCAGATTA Barbaresco Bric Balin 2016

MOCCAGATTA Barbaresco Cole 2016

MOCCAGATTA Barbaresco Basarin 2016

MOCCAGATTA Barbera d’Alba 2017

MOCCAGATTA Dolcetto d’Alba 2018

MOCCAGATTA Langhe Chardonnay 2018

& more!


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