The Soul of a Place in Glasses of Wine: Forge Dry Rieslings & Saint Cosme Chateauneuf-du-Papes

When: Friday, July 27
Time: 4:30 pm TO 7:00 pm
Where: Delafield

ADDRESS: Waterford Wine & Spirits, 631 Genesee St.

COST: Free!



What do Finger Lake Riesling and Chateauneuf-du-Pape have in common?

When made by Chateau de Saint Cosme and Forge Cellars, they share dynamic winemaking teams with nearly 600 years of experience.

How did this confluence of New World and Old happen? Friendship and wine, of course. The ancient winemaking site of famed Southern Rhone producer Saint Cosme has belonged to the family of Louis Barruol since 1570. A family man and lover rugby, classical music and juicy American hamburgers, Louis is  also an astute farmer who cherishes his ancestral land. Introduce him to Rick Rainey, a boisterous American wine importer with a desire to get his hands dirty, and Justin Boyette, a winemaker with keen insight and a steady hand, and add a dash of wine and a dip of comradery. Voilà! You’ve now got a new winery called Forge.

As Louis puts it:

“As a person who is part of an old French wine family, I know what the weight of traditions means. It is great to improve an estate that has been built over the centuries by many different ancestors: it means being a little part of a very long adventure. Trying to develop a new estate in the Finger Lakes represents a completely different perspective, a different exercise in a different environment. But at deep, is it that different? Maybe not that different, as the feeling is the same, the wish of proper understanding is the same and the final goal is the same: express in a wine the soul of a place. All that to say that I deeply enjoy being part of Forge Cellars with my friends Rick Rainey and Justin Boyette. It is a nice “human adventure,” as well as an achievement at every step that we climb, simply because we began this project with almost nothing but clear and strong ideas.”

Come join us this Friday to celebrate friendship and wine across two delicious estates.

Wines to be tasted (limit of two samples per person):

2015 Saint Cosme Cote du Rhone Rouge $21.99

2016 Saint Cosme Gigondas $55.99

2015 Saint Cosme Chateauneuf-du-Pape $59.99

2016 Forge Cellars Pinot Noir $29.99

2016 Forge Cellars Riesling Classique $21.99

2015 Forge Cellars Riesling Les Alliés $34.99



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