West Coast Pinot Noir Tasting – Delafield

When: Thursday, May 16
Time: 6:00 pm TO 7:30 pm
Where: Delafield

LOCATION: 631 Genesee Street

COST: $30 per person

REGISTRATION: Please call 262-337-9774 or email julieta.acevedo@waterfordwine.com. Credit card required at time of registration.


Ask the world’s top sommeliers and collectors of wine why they are fanatical about Pinot Noir, and you’ll get essentially the same response: It’s a grape that produces the greatest wines in the world. A thinned-skinned, tight-clustered, beguilingly finicky grape to produce – ‘the heartbreak grape”. It is also a grape that can truly reflect the reflection of the place where they’re grown; characteristics of the soil, climate & terroir.

The origin and sacred home of Pinot Noir is France’s Burgundy region (aka Bourgogne), with some of the most expensive plots of wines in the world. In California, a few enthusiasts chanced on Pinot Noir in the 1960s and 1970s. The cult grew through the 1980s and 1990s, and after the turn of the twentieth century, it really took off. (The 2004 movie, Sideways, is popularly credited with helping to raise the wine-drinking public’s awareness of Pinot Noir).

Oregon’s Pinot Noir pioneers started in the 1960’s, and made its celebrated entry onto the world’s wine stage at the 1979 Wine Olympics in Paris, where French wine judges ranked it 3 rd and near indistinguishable from Burgundy Pinot Noir. With rich knowledge of the state’s diversity of soils, grape clones and vineyard sites are they forging a world-renowned identity for Oregon Pinot Noir.

At this tasting, we’ll journey through the past 50 years of our West Coast Pinot Noir history. We’ll explore major and varied Oregon and California Pinot Noir appellations like Willamette Valley, Sonoma Coast, Ribbon Ridge, Carneros, Russian River and the Santa Maria Hills. And we’ll show you how a new wave of winemakers are creating some of the most exciting wines in the world.

Wines to be tasted:

2017 Underwood Oregon Pinot Noir $14.99

2015 The Eyrie Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Noir $38.99

2016 Soter Estate Reserve Willamette Valley Pinot Noir $59.99

2013 Woodenhead Russian River Valley $34.99

2017 “The Bench” Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir $21.99

2016 Rochioli Estate Russian River Valley Pinot Noir $94.99

2014 Robert Sinskey Vineyards Los Carneros Pinot Noir $36.99

2016 Ancien Santa Barbara Count $49.99

2014 Tyler Santa Barbara County $39.99

** List may change subject to availability. Waterford Wines will provide a comparable wine in every way.

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