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1972 La Licorne Bas Armagnac

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Bas-Armagnac, Armagnac, and Cognac are all fancy French names for brandy. You know, brandy. The reason Korbel is the world’s most popular brandy is because it’s the most popular brandy in Wisconsin. Our home state drinks more brandy than the rest of the world!

We know that you and your family love brandy as much as we love brandy, especially around the holidays. But we also don’t mind getting a little bit Frenchy and crossing the Big Pond to where brandy was invented (and some would say, perfected). Thus our unicorn in Bas-Armagnac – La Licorne.

La Licorne Bas-Armagnac opens with profoundly deep flavors and sensations—there is simply no other way to describe it. The beautiful aged tones of sweet vanilla, honeycomb, candied orange zest, Christmas pound cake with rum-soaked raisins, and a simply heavenly brown sugar richness fill the glass and palate, soothing the body with just the first sip. The palate is harmonious. The fruit sensations of orange blossom, mango, pear and dried apricot join all of the aromas on the nose to create a symphony of flavors that are bold and strong, yet perfectly mellow. There is no denying that this Bas-Armagnac is a scene-stealer, and at 50 years old, it’s incredibly smooth. The finish lasts for minutes, and don’t rush it. Each sip is a twinkling of greatness – a life-enhancing invitation to savor right where you are, just a little bit more.

La Licorne – The Unicorn. How many times have I had the chance to sip amazing 50-year-old Bas-Armagnac? Just one, here. Unicorn indeed!

No, the price isn’t cheap, but a bottle shared with someone you love, or gifted to the spirits lover who has everything, is worth it. Consider what a 50-year-old Pappy Van Winkle or Scotch might set you back—and remember that brandy has universal appeal. Treat yourself to this quaffable treasure!